Initial Meeting

DJ Mike will personally meet with you to see if you and he have a good rapport. If you feel that Mike is a good fit for your plans and you move forward to book him, he will meet with you again to go over all the details of your wedding. That will be the wedding planning meeting and usually takes place about 2 months before the big day. From that point on, all will be resolved to your total satisfaction via emails, phone calls and coaching from Mike.

Customized Timeline

DJ Mike is unique in that, if you have not engaged the services of a wedding planner, during your second meeting he will consult with you to get all of the appropriate information and then create a wonderful customized step by step timeline of your reception and ceremony too if you need Mikes services for that as well. Once the time line is complete Mike will email you a completed copy. The venue and photographer would receive a copy of the timeline as well. Flow plays a very and important role at your wedding. Mike will use his years of experience to facilitate a smooth flow to your wedding.

Dinner/Dance Reception Service

  1. (NEW FOR 2016) RCF EVOX 12 LINE ARRAY SPEAKERS Amazing sound clarity and even surpassing the sound quality of the popular Bose system. Sleek, Industrial, Elegant & Unobtrosive.
  2. Wireless microphone set and ready for toast and Blessing etc.
  3. Master of Ceremonies, Event Direction, Planning and coordination keeping your reception on track, including double-checking the important details behind the scenes (i.e. making sure the cake knife is at the cake table) and communicating with your reception team members (i.e the caterer, the photographer, the videographer, etc.) to make sure everything and everyone is ready before moving onto the next phase of the reception.
  4. Music Programming playing the right song at the right time to create the right mood, feeling, memory, or filling the dance floor at your reception. Being able to "read the crowd" and adjust the music accordingly, having the ability to create a mix of background music that builds energy and transitions to dance music. Confidently knowing how to use audio mixing equipment, understanding how the beats per minute in a given song can build or decrease energy.


Wireless Speaker Set-Ups

For lovely historic venues that have somewhat difficult to reach areas and adjacent rooms, DJ Mike provides wireless remote speakers so all of your guests can enjoy the music, and of course be able to hear announcements and toast during your wedding celebration. You will not see any unsightly cables.


At the very beginning of his career, DJ Mike noticed that a lot of DJ's played great music but didn't create smooth transitions between songs even though they might have wonderful new technology's at their disposal. It does not matter if you are using a laptop, cd or vinyl. Its about having a good ear and knowing what song to play at the right time and how to follow it up while reading the crowd. Many DJ's claim that they can mix but really can't and instead it sounds more like a train wreck. It is truly and art to make 2 different songs flow well together. He does this not only with current music but the classics and oldies as well. Mike felt that it was extremely important to learn how to seamlessly transition from one song to another and he trained himself to do this because he found that matching the beats from song to song keeps the dance floor filled much longer. This is one of the secrets to his consistently raving reviews.

Cocktail Hour Services

After your ceremony your next step is the cocktail hour. In most scenarios the cocktail hour before the reception is held outside the main reception room in a lobby /foyer area. In this circumstance Mike offers a wireless speaker setup that allows us to play background music of your choice while your guests mingle. The audio is wirelessly received from the main reception room. If your cocktail hour is located on a patio or terrace in a separate room than Mike would then set up a secondary smaller sound system.


DJ Mike is always available via phone and email to answer your questions and give you direction on song choices etc. DJ Mike is a firm believer in a quick response to your emails and phone calls. After your initial meeting you will receive your return emails and phone calls within 2 hours unless of course it is wedding day for Mike.

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