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Our indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies include Wireless Lavalier Microphones.

Outdoor ceremonies and some indoor weddings can often be susceptible to background noise such as wind, birds, cars passing, ocean waves and passing aircraft etc. DJ Mike will offer solutions that ensure your guests can hear clearly during the ceremony. The last thing you want is feedback, distortion or dropouts. Depending on your exact needs Mike can provide the following:

  • A small, very discreet sound system, which would allow access to any musicians or singers you might have performing in your ceremony
  • Wireless lapel clip on microphones (typically for the officiant, Rabbi and sometimes the groom)
  • Wireless handheld microphones (typically for a reader and or vocalist) can be used for the bride/grooms vows as well
  • Wireless Handheld microphones for Musicians (guitarist, keyboard etc)
  • 30 minutes of pre-ceremony music as guest arrive to be seated
  • All of your processional, interlude and recessional music

No Power Outlets, No Problem

If you are getting married where there might not be power, it’s no problem—Mike can set up and operate his ceremony system anywhere! DJ Mike has the technology to add portable power packs to his equipment. These allow him to provide music for a ceremony and cocktail hour in remote or unusual locations that do not have power outlets available, such as a ceremony on a beach or a winery vineyard

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Stephanie & Kyle's amazing wedding at the Mount Vernon Inn, courtesy White Box Films.
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